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283 Fuelie V8 Engine LED Lighted Clock 14" Round
283 Fuelie V8 Engine LED Lighted Clock 14" Round

283 Fuelie V8 Engine LED Lighted Clock

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LED Lighted Clock with 283 Fuelie V8 Engine
Part Number: GMDK1604646LED
Availability: In Stock
283 Fuelie V8 Engine LED Lighted Clock 

The 283 Fuelie V8 Engine LED lighted clock has a look and feel of vintage clocks from the 1950s but all the modern technology from the 21st century. The clock features the Ramjet fuel injection system 283 Fuelie V8 engine that was a Chevy performance mainstay from 1957 into the '70s on a white clock face.

The 283 Fuelie V8 clock measures 14 inches across. The outer lens is made from high-quality optical lexan held in place with 3 removable rivets. It is scratch resistant and maintains its clear brightness resisting yellowing, that happens to other clocks, over time. The advertisement face is cut out by a CNC router and the image is placed with a UV dried computer controlled printing process that will last for many years. The back of the clock is made from black ABS plastic that houses an LED light source with an on/off switch in the cord. The clock is a battery operated quartz movement that runs from 1 double AA battery (not included).

KC Auto is proud to offer Fast and Free Shipping on this 283 Fuelie V8 LED lighted clock that is absolutely awesome when lit! This is a must for any collector and the perfect gift and would look great in your home, office, or garage!

LED Clock Description:

• The best backlit LED clock on the market

• 14 inches across

• Clear Lexan outer lens

• Plugs into any 110 outlet

• On / Off switch in cord

• Quartz movement runs from AA battery

• Perfect for the collector

• 1 years manufacturer warranty

• Made in the USA

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