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Blackfire Foamaster Foam Gun Half Gallon

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Blackfire Foamaster Foam Gun Half Gallon
Part Number: BF-75HG
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Blackfire Foamaster Foam Gun Half Gallon

Part # BF-75HG

The BLACKFIRE Foamaster Foam Gun makes washing your vehicle fast and fun! The BLACKFIRE Foamaster is a heavy-duty foam gun engineered with quality brass fittings. It works with a standard water hose and includes a foaming nozzle to help maximize the amount of suds your favorite car shampoo will produce. The BlackFire Foam Gun is built on quality and performance and is built to last.
Master the art of washing by using the Foamaster foam gun and minimizing the amount of rubbing and scrubbing necessary to clean your vehicle. BlackFire Foamaster will pre-soak your paint with frothy foam. The foam provides a layer of lubrication and starts loosening and lubricating the paint. Dirt and debris will dissolve and loosen from your paint allowing the use of your wash mitt or sponge to lightly agitate rather than scrub and risk scratching or marring your paint. The less force used in the washing process, the less correction is needed later!
BLACKFIRE Foam Soap is the ideal shampoo to use in the Foamaster Foam Wash Gun. This shampoo is ultra-sudsy when used in a bucket and produces an incredible amount of suds when distributed with a foam gun!  After each use, rinse the nozzle and foaming mechanism with clean water to remove any soap residue. This will prevent soapy build-up inside the nozzle and on the brass mechanisms. With regular cleaning, the Foamaster will give you years of trouble-free performance.
The Foamaster Foam Wash Gun has the features you want and the durable construction you need. Protect your vehicle from micro-marring and wash-induced scratches with the Foamaster!

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