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Boyd Coddington Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating
Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating Boyd Coddington Detail Garage

Boyd Coddington Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating

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Boyd Coddington Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating 

Part #BCG301, BC-G301 

Boyd Coddington Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating aims to be an industry leader in automotive, motorcycle and marine ceramic coating application. The proprietary construction of Tru-Coat+ allows it to be multi-layered, resulting in a thicker, harder coating that will resist scratches and increase the overall gloss of the surface. Any surface sealed with Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating is incredibly smooth and hydrophobic, aiding in maintaining a clean surface for longer periods of time.

Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating will protect your paint from scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, brake dust and other environmental hazards. Tru-Coat+ is heat resistant and offers excellent UV protection. Apply Tru-Coat+ to your wheels and be completely protected from harsh winter road salts and sand.

Boyd Coddington Detail Garage Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating is easy to apply and has a short flash time. It presents a smooth, sleek surface and with proper care and cleaning will provide extended protection and glossy show winning paint!

Made in the USA

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