Bug, Tar and Iron Removers

Save time and money by using fast working products to remove and dissolve bug stains, tar, tree sap and other contaminants. Bug, tar and iron removers can replace a clay bar, working to remove the effects of iron particles clinging to and eating away at your paint surface. Clay bars will remove the particles themselves but won't dissolve the effects of them. Specially engineered products like CarPro Iron-X and Gyeon Bug and Grime can dissolve both the particles and their effects preparing your surface for a scratch and swirl free wax or sealant application. 

Bug, tar and iron removers are pH neutral and safe for all exterior surfaces (read specific instructions for each). They are powerful and strong and act as a degreaser removing various stubborn contaminants. Dissolve tar, tree sap and the etching caused by remnants of insect acids in a manner of seconds. 
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Gyeon Tar and Sap Remover 500 ml
Griot's Garage Bug Barricade 22 oz 10953
Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime 400 ml
CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 500 ml
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The Rag Company BUG SCRUBBER Pad 2 Pack
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