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  5. CARPRO Cquartz UK Edition 3.0 with Reload 50 ml Paint Protection

CARPRO Cquartz UK Edition 3.0 with Reload 50 ml Paint Protection
CarPro CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 w/Reload 50 ml

CARPRO Cquartz UK Edition 3.0 with Reload 50 ml Paint Protection

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CarPro CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 with Reload Ceramic Paint Protection 50 ml
Part Number: 10CQK-50K
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CARPRO Cquartz UK Edition 3.0 with Reload 50 ml Paint Protection 

Size: 50 ml

NEW UPDATED FORMULA. CQuartz UK was developed in the United Kingdom for use in cold, damp climates where most nanotechnology coatings typically struggle. A new fast flashing carrier was used to enhance curing in difficult conditions, and the silica-quartz content was increased to 70% creating an even harder and purer glass layer. These enhancements allowed CQ UK to be easily applied in temperatures as low as 41-degrees Fahrenheit with even higher levels of beauty and protection, making it the unofficial pinnacle of the CQuartz line.

The new CQuartz UK Edition 3.0 features improved gloss, improved water behavior, and improved chemical resistance.  Everyone loved the original CQuartz UK edition performance, but now it has increased the resistance to road salt build-up while keeping the same great chemical resistance of pH 3~14 inclusive!

For the first time ever CQuartz UK 3.0 is easy to use from 40-86 degrees F!  Keeping with the classic CQuartz UK wipe on wipe off application it can be buffed immediately or left on a few minutes while still maintaining the ability to buff off super clean and easy. For enthusiastic car lovers or professional detailers, both say it is the easiest to coating to use without a sticky surface or grabby wipe off!  CQuartz UK 3.0 comes with conservative real-world durability, in this case, it’s 18-24 months.

Quartz Nanotechnology Coating
70% Silica-Quartz with 99.99% Purity
Suitable for Cold or Hot-Climates!
Super easy to wipe off – non-sticky surface
Acid and base chemical resistance 3~14 pH
Salt resistance 

Decontaminate the surface with a clay bar or CARPRO Iron X 
Polish to perfection
Panel wipe with CARPRO Eraser 
Shake well before application.  Apply product to the suede-wrapped applicator.  Apply to a 2 sq ft area in a criss-cross pattern 
Wipe off the surface residue with a short loop Microfiber.  Do not wait more than 2 minutes to flash dry before wiping. 
Let coating cure for 24 hours before exposing to moisture.  
Maintain the coating with CARPRO Reload 

Kit Includes:
50 ml Cquartz UK Edition
4 Suede Microfiber Cloths
1 Cquartz Applicator
100 ml Reload Spray