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CarPro Bug-Out Insect Removal 1 L BO1L
CarPro Bug-Out Insect Removal 1 L BO1L

CarPro Bug-Out Insect Removal 1L BO1L

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CarPro Bug-Out Insect Removal 1L BO1L
Part Number: BO1L
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CarPro Bug-Out Insect Removal 1L BO1L 

CarPro BUGOUT safely and easily softens and dissolves dried on bugs and bug stains and melts them away as they slide off your paint. Bug-Out will soften the hard shell of some bugs that will scratch your paint if removed without softening their dried carcass and will dissolve the enzymes and proteins of the smashed bug that harden and can permanently etch your paint. 

CarPro Bug-Out will keep the bugs OUT of the paint and not IN the paint. Bug-Out can be used safely on paint, clear coat, ceramic coatings, glass, plastic, mirror, chrome, aluminum and more. 

Dissolves & softens insect remains
Safe on Clearcoat and a wide variety of automotive surfaces
Safe on coated vehicles
Safe on Glass
Safe on PPF
Gets bugs OUT
Shake before use
Spray on insect remains and insect stains
Wait for 30 seconds ~ 2 minutes depending on the environment (less time on sensitive surfaces)
Agitate as needed with Microfiber towel
Repeat if needed
Remove and neutralize any residue with your choice of automotive car wash
Avoid use in direct sun
Test product on an inconspicuous area before applying
Do not ingest
Do not spray on skin or eyes - rinse immediately with water if in contact with the body
Keep out of reach of children
Store in a cool dry place 

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