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 CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish and Cleaner 150 ml
CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish and Cleaner 150 ml

CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish & Cleaner 150 ml

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CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish & Cleaner 150 ml
Part Number: CP125
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CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish & Cleaner 150 ml 

Part # CP125 

CarPro CeriGlass is a remarkable formula made with Cerium Oxide that will remove hard water spots, road grime, bird stains and interior glass film. It will even remove fine to medium scratches and leave the glass crystal clear! Your vehicle's windshield and windows will have like-new clarity and smoothness after polishing with CeriGlass. 

Ceriglass can be applied by hand or machine. Hand polishing is effective at removing mild water spots. For severe water spots or light scratches, a rotary or orbital polisher and a glass buffing pad can be used. 

CeriGlass contains no strong dissolving agents, which can damage your skin. CeriGlass is a mild abrasive polish proven to work on glass without distortion. It can also be used to clean and brighten chrome and other metals and to polish hard plastics. 

*Not for use on aftermarket window tint, painted or coated glass.
*Polishes Plexiglas and restores headlights.
*Removes tiny pinhole pits in glass windows and polishes away fine wiper scratches. 

How To Use :
For best results, apply in the shade on cool glass.
We recommend using face mask while using a polishing machine to prevent inhalation of polish powder.
Shake the bottle well.
Apply small amount on the glass polish pad or a hand applicator.
Cover the car panels and rubber seals with nylon film to protect them from powder dust.
Buff thoroughly over the entire glass surface in a circular motion.
Rinse the surface with water. Wipe off with microfiber towel and check your work. If necessary, repeat the process.
Always try CeriGlass on a small test spot to be sure it does not mar or scratch the surface. 

150 ml (5 oz.)

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