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CarPro EliXir Quick Detailer CP-EL50
CarPro EliXir Quick Detailer CP-EL50

CarPro EliXir 500 ml CP-EL50

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CarPro EliXir 500 ml CP-EL50
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CarPro EliXir 500 ml CP-EL50 

CarPro EliXir is a quick detailer designed to help you clean and protect in one easy to use spray! It is a super fast way to remove light contaminants and add notable protection. EliXir combines the quick application and slickness of CarPro EcH2o and adds a protective layer that enhances depth, gloss, and hydrophobic properties. CarPro EliXir can be applied to various surfaces and in various climates, in the rain, sun, etc. It is very user-friendly and a great product to keep in your detailing arsenal. If you are looking for an easy to use quick detailer that also leaves behind some protection, the CarPro EliXir is a great choice!


Shake well

Spray half a panel sparingly

Immediately spread even, buff in, and buff off

Use a clean "final wipe" towel and check for perfection before moving to the next section or panel

PRECAUTIONS: Test the product on an inconspicuous area before applying. Store in a dry cool place. Store above -10 degrees C. Keep out of reach of children.

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