Clay Bars and Lubricants

Clay Bars and Lubricants are used together to remove contaminants from surface paint that if not removed could cause corrosion. Following a car wash, run your hand across your paint. Is it rough? If it is then there are particles from dust or dirt or other environmental contaminants that have settled into your paint. Clay bars are engineered resin in the form of an elastic clay, allowing the user to pull, flatten and glide the clay over the surface removing the contaminated particles as you go.

The primary advantage of clay is that it will only remove the contaminant. Clay does not remove any of your clear coat therefore maintaining your paints' original integrity. Don't forget a lubricant! The lubricant will keep your clay bar slick so it will glide easily over your paint. KC Auto is here to help you find the right combination of products for your detail! Ask us today!
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Speed Shine 35 oz Griot's Garage
Optimum Opti-Clay 4 oz