Cleaning Your Car's Interior

Detailing the interior of your car has become simplified with the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection Interior cleaning products. The P&S system does not require the use of professional detailing equipment like steamers or extractors. If you do have these units, they can be used with the P&S system, but not required.
 P&S has four products designed for interiors that work fantastic.  Xpress Interior Cleaner, Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain, Carpet Bomber Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Finisher Peroxide Treatment.  
The first step is to thoroughly vacuum the seats and carpet to remove heavy debris. We recommend starting with the carpets first as they are usually the dirtiest/dustiest area in your interior and you won't kick dust onto a clean dash!  

P&S Terminator, Carpet Bomber and Finisher

These products can be used on your carpet, upholstery seats and upholstery door trim.  As in the video below, if you have heavy stains, apply P&S Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain Cleaner first.  Then apply Carpet Bomber over the top.  Let the product set for 3-5 minutes and let it break the dirt down.  The next step is to use a brush of some kind on the surface.  A drill brush can be used as shown or we also offer carpet brushes that attach to your random orbital polisher or it can be done by hand with a nylon brush. Once this step is done, use a steamer/extractor or just a microfiber towel to go over the surface and clean any dirt off.  If necessary, you may repeat the Carpet Bomber or Terminator process for any stubborn areas.  After that, lightly spray the surface with P&S Finisher Peroxide Treatment.  Finisher will eliminate odors, sterilizes the surface and brightens the look of the surface. Wipe the surface again with a clean towel and let dry. 

P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner 

Use of the P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is pretty straight forward.  It can be used on all interior hard surfaces and leather.  Just spray Xpress on the surface and agitate with the appropriate tool of your choice; microfiber towel, detailing brush or mitt.  I like using a Detail Factory brush or Leather and Vinyl Interior Cleaning Brush. These brushes allow the Xpress Cleaner to foam up and clean the surface well.  After light agitating, wipe the surface clean and dry with a microfiber towel.  The surface will dry to a clean and matte factory finish.  Our preference is to follow this up with some sort of protectant.  Leather seats can be treated with P&S Leather Treatment Conditioner Protectant or if you wish to use a spray product, we recommend Optimum Leather Protectant.  Both add UV protection and leave a non-greasy finish.  On your dash or other hard plastic/vinyl surfaces, our favorite product to finish and protect is Wowo's Interior Finisher (different than the P&S Finisher).  Wowo's leaves a soft satin sheen, non-greasy finish, and a great fresh scent.

 Wowo's Interior Finisher on a black dash

If you have any questions about cleaning the interior of your vehicle, please let us know!