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Detail Factory Boar Hair Detailing Brush Gray Large
Detail Factory Boar Hair Detailing Brush Gray Large

Detail Factory Boar's Hair Detailing Brushes

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Detail Factory Boar's Hair Detailing Brushes
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Detail Factory Boar's Hair Detailing Brushes 

Available in Black, Red, and Gray

Size: Large (9.5")

Size: Small (6.5")

KC Auto is pleased to carry Detail Factory's Premium BOAR'S HAIR Detailing Brushes. These brushes are unsurpassed in the industry and preferred by both professionals and enthusiasts.  Boar’s Hair Detailing Brushes are specifically designed for Medium-to-Heavy Duty Cleaning on tougher automotive surfaces inside and outside your vehicle. They are perfect for cleaning engine bays, brake calipers, exhaust tips, wheels, or any other surface that requires a heavier cleaning action. Boar’s hair brushes have great value for use in the interior too. The stiffer boar hair bristles make scrubbing textured interior plastics effortless! 

Detail Factory Brushes are ergonomically designed with a textured and balanced grip area to minimize user fatigue. The metal-free construction guarantees prevention from scratching and the chemical resistant handle ensures your brush will stay like new after many many uses! 

The Detail Factory Boar’s Hair brushes come in two sizes. The large size is ideal for cleaning wheel faces and inside engine bays. The small size is great for exhaust tips, lug nuts and other compact areas of the exterior and interior of your car. 

Clean longer, safer and with greater COMFORT than any other detailing brush on the market with these industry-wide preferred detail brushes from Detail Factory!


  • Ergonomically Designed Handle 

  • Textured Grip Area

  • Balanced at Grip Area to Minimize User Fatigue

  • Chemical Resistant Handle and Professional Quality Boar's Hair Bristles

  • Metal-Free Construction to Prevent Scratching and No Wood to Rot

  • Short Handle (6.5") for Interior Use, Leather Cleaning, Door Panels, Hard Plastics, Cup Holders, etc.

  • Long Handle (9.5") for Exterior Surfaces, Wheels, Grill, Emblem/Badge, Mouldings, etc. 


After use, rinse thoroughly with clean water

Squeeze gently to eliminate excess water

Hang brush to dry between uses

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