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GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean 500 ml
GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean 500 ml

GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean 500 ml

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GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean 500 ml
Part Number: GT-I205
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GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean 500 ml 

Part #GT-I205
Size 500 ml

GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean will remove stains and kill germs at the same time! Tri-Clean is a pH balanced surface cleaner that can be used on all automotive interior surfaces. It will kill up to 99.9% of germs, and absorb bad odors. Formulated with antibacterial and antimicrobial technology, GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean ensures that all interior surfaces remain hygienic and fresh by actively reducing and removing the number of microbes on the surface. GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean contains a true odor absorber, not a mask, and will eliminate substances and stains that cause bad odors and attract dirt.

We all spend a lot of time inside our cars. Germs and microbes are sure to accumulate and can lead to sickness. A wise detailer will want to wear a mask, for this very reason. There are many cleaners on the market that will remove surface staining, smudging, and dust, but GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean adds anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents that will produce a hygienic surface. It continues working long after it has been applied, promoting a clean and healthy environment.

GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean is formulated with a true odor absorber that neutralizes bad-odor-causing molecules and fully removes them from your interior. Bad odors can’t be masked with air fresheners. Eliminate them permanently with GTechniz I2 Tri-Clean.

Directions for use:

1. Test GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean in an inconspicuous area for color steadfastness prior to use on the whole surface.

2. Using a clean microfiber towel, spray GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean directly onto the surface you are cleaning, as well as onto the towel and massage until the surface is clean.

3. Flip your microfiber towel to a dry side and buff off the remaining product.

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