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The BOSS Foam Cannon
The BOSS Foam Cannon

Griot's Garage BOSS Foam Cannon

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Grito's Garage BOSS Foam Cannon
Part Number: BF302
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Griot's Garage BOSS Foam Cannon 

Part # BF302 

The Griot's Garage BOSS Foam Cannon is the ultimate foam delivery system, blasting thick snow foam onto your paint for full coverage and application of foaming car wash soaps and hydrophobic polymers. The BOSS Foam Cannon is designed to be used with a pressure washer to utilize high-pressure water combined with specially formulated car care liquids to produce incredible foam for ultimate cleaning properties. 

The BOSS Foam Cannon is engineered with an innovative metering system that delivers precise mixing ratios, and features a weighted pick-up ball that will maintain constant product flow regardless of cannon orientation. BOSS Foam Cannon features a 100% machined stainless steel manifold ensuring a lifetime of foam and a 40° wide fan spray for vertical panels and up to a 0° stream for long range dispensing on larger vehicles. The dual-thread, vented cap eliminates leakage and is compatible with Griot's Garage 35 oz bottles. 

*Includes a stainless steel quick disconnect coupler.

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