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Gyeon Prep 1000 ml
Gyeon Prep 1000 ml

Gyeon Prep 1000 ml

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Gyeon Prep 1000 ml
Part Number: GY-PREP
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Gyeon Prep 1000 ml 

Part # GY-PREP
Size 1000 ml

Gyeon Prep dissolves residue and oils left behind from polishing your paint and leaves it perfectly clean and ready to apply a ceramic coating.  Gyeon Prep is the perfect cleaner and degreaser as it won't damage delicate surfaces and eliminates any substances that might inhibit the proper bonding of the coating to the surface.

Proper preparation ensures your coating will result in the longevity it promises. Even if your paint feels clean, ensure it is decontaminated from any leftover oils by wiping it down with Gyeon Prep. Apply Gyeon Prep to a clean, dry surface away from direct sunlight. Spray Prep directly onto the surface and wipe it clean using a plush microfiber towel.

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