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Gyeon Q2M Cure 400 ml
Gyeon Q2M Cure 400 ml

Gyeon Q2M Cure 400 ml

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Gyeon Q2M Cure 400 ml
Part Number: GY-CURE400
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Gyeon Q2M Cure 400 ml 

Part # GY-CURE400 

Size 400 ml 

Gyeon Cure is a maintenance hydrophobic spray sealant that will provide up to 6 weeks of protection for your ceramic coat. Gyeon Cure will remove any water spots or smudges and acts as a quick detailer to remove dust, streaks or any other imperfection that is depreciating the gloss of your coated paint. 

Gyeon Cure is designed to work most efficiently with Gyeon coatings. Cure can be sprayed on top of the coating immediately after you apply it and also used as maintenance to increase shine and gloss and present a beautiful smooth and shiny surface. 

Gyeon Cure should be used on a clean dry surface out of direct sunlight. Spray it directly onto the surface and spread it with a premium microfiber. Use the other side of the microfiber to buff to an incredible shine! 

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