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  5. Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat 500 ml New Formula

Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat 500 ml New Formula
Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat 500 ml New Formula

Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat 500 ml New Formula

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New Formula Gyeon Wet Coat
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Gyeon Q2M WetCoat 500 ml New Formula 

Size 500 ml, 17 oz. 

The new formula of GYEON Q2M WET COAT is the ultimate super hydrophobic spray & rinse coating on the market!  The new formula features 50% more performance, durability and beading than the previous version. GYEON Q²M Wet Coat is an easy to apply spray sealant that offers instant durable protection for your paint or ceramic coating in just minutes – simply spray-on and rinse-off.  Q2M Wet coat has a hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately to the surface, resulting in an intense gloss and shine to painted surfaces.
GYEON Wet Coat is unique in that it is safe to use on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. Spray it on paintwork, plastic, metal trim, rims, and even glass! A few quick sprays followed by a thorough rinse results in a super shiny, hydrophobic, chemical resistant, easy to keep clean surface!

Directions for Use: 

Shake well before use.  Apply only after washing the car with a high-quality shampoo like Gyeon Bathe.  Use only on a wet surface. Rinse immediately after application with a large amount of water.  It is recommended you only apply to one panel at a time and rinse the surrounding panels to ensure no runoff streaks.  Do not let dry.  Never use in direct sunlight and only use on a cool panel. 

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