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GYEON Quick Detailer 400 ml
GYEON Quick Detailer 400 ml

Gyeon Quick Detailer 400 ml

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Gyeon Quick Detailer 400 ml
Part Number: GY-QD0845
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Gyeon Quick Detailer 400 ml 

Part # GY-QD-400
Size 400 ml 

GYEON Quick Detailer is every car enthusiasts dream maintenance product. Gyeon Quick Detailer sprays on and wipes off easily, enhancing the gloss of your paint and adding incredible slickness. Quick Detailer removes spots, streaks, fingerprints and more. It is safe on coatings and even on traditional waxes and sealants as well as all exterior surfaces. 

Gyeon Quick Detailer can be used on wet or dry paint but realizes its full potential when used as a drying aid on a wet car.  When used as regular maintenance for your paint, you'll find the process to be easier, the paint slicker and the finish so glossy it will last for weeks! 

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