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Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner 1000 ml
Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner 1000 ml

Gyeon Tire Cleaner 1000 ml

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Gyeon Tire Cleaner 1000 ml
Part Number: GY-tire-cln-1000
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Gyeon Tire Cleaner 1000 ml

Part GY-tire-cln-1000 
Size 1000 ml

Gyeon Tire Cleaner dissolves old tire dressing build-up, dirt and grime without stripping tire coating. Gyeon Tire Cleaner soaks deep into the porous structure of the rubber to loosen accumulated dirt, road grime, oil and more. It can be used with every car wash and does not compromise the protective layer of hydrophobicity on ceramic coated wheels. Simply spray Gyeon Tire Cleaner generously onto a wet tire and agitate with a stiff brush. Rinse immediately with a pressure washer and continue until all suds are white. 

Prepare your tire for new dressing or to show off that beautiful tire clearcoat you've already applied! Gyeon Tire Cleaner the ultimate solution for tire and rubber cleaning!


Rinse the wheel well. Spray a moderate amount of Q2M TireCleaner on the tire surface. Agitate with a firm brush. Let dwell. Do not let dry on the surface. Rinse with a pressure washer. Leave to dry. Never work in direct sunlight.

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