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IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer
IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer

IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer

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IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer
Part Number: 81671
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IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer 

Part number 81671 

The IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer is a great tool to assist you in car detailing.  Use it for jobs like rinseless car wash, iron decon spray, carpet cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, wheel and tire cleaners and more.  

Spray Options

Comes with adjustable cone spray nozzle and even fan spray nozzle 

IK Multi Pro 2 Use Tips
You can store chemicals in the sprayer for a couple of days, but if more than a few days we recommend you empty the container and clean it out.  This will increase the longevity of your IK Multi Pro 2.  Also, do not leave the unit pressurized. Pull up on the release valve to relieve the pressure.  

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