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Lake Country HDO 6.5" Pads
Lake Country HDO 6.5" Pads

Lake Country HDO 6.5" Pads

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Lake Country HDO 6.5" Pads for Random Orbital Polishers
Part Number: LC-HDO-xx650
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Lake Country HDO 6.5" Pads 

Great for use on long-throw polishers, the foam interface of the HDO pad offers perfect thickness for balance, smooth operation and consistency in all environments. The Lake Country HDO Pad features range from a microfiber nap that will remove moderate to severe imperfections in your paint to smooth foam that creates the ultimate finish. 

Use the 6.5" Lake Country HDO Foam Cutting Pad with a 6" backing plate for best results.  Features a hook & loop backing. 

Blue Cutting Pad LC-HDO-93650 
The Lake Country HDO Blue Foam Cutting Pad is great for medium to light compounding as well as heavy polishing. This exclusive new foam has a firm to medium density and a fine cell structure providing superior cutting ability as well as fantastic finishing capabilities. The strong durability of this pad enables it to stay firm and balanced even with prolonged use. 

Orange Polishing Pad LC-HDO-23650 
The Lake Country HDO Orange Foam Polishing Pad is perfect for polishing and finishing on almost all paints. A great one-step pad that can be used for light compounding as well as polishing leaving a flawless finish.

Black Finishing Pad LC-HDO-73650
The Lake Country HDO Black Foam Finishing Pad is great for finish polishing on all black, dark or soft paints and clear coats. This silky foam with a denser body creates the ultimate finishing pad.

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