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McKee's 37 FAST Metal Polish 8 oz
McKee's 37 FAST Metal Polish 8 oz

McKee's 37 FAST Metal Polish 8 oz

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McKee's 37 FAST Metal Polish 8 oz
Part Number: MK37-620
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McKee's 37 FAST Metal Polish 8 oz 

Part # MK37-620
8 oz

McKee's FAST Metal Polish restores various metals to a beautiful shine. It will cut through oxidation, rust, and baked on grime and dirt and produce results in metal pieces that make them look brand new. FAST Metal Polish works to restore chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, diamond plating, brass, and silver. And an anti-corrosive agent formulated in FAST Metal Polish provides a layer of protection that will resist future oxidation and staining. 

McKee's FAST Metal Polish is ammonia free, with an agreeable scent, making it pleasant to work with. Its function as a cutting compound will eliminate swirls, scratches, oxidation or any other type of build up on chrome trim and other metal pieces.

Simply rub McKee's FAST Metal Polish onto the metal with a foam applicator and vigorously agitate until the desired shine is achieved. Buff metal with a premium microfiber towel and stand back and marvel at your finished work! Fast Metal Polish has a pleasant fragrance and is ammonia free, so working with it is easy and pleasant. 

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