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Meguiar's Iron Decon Gallon 128 oz D1801
Meguiar's Iron Decon Gallon 128 oz D1801

Meguiar's Iron Decon 128 oz

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Meguiar's Iron Decon 128 oz D1801
Part Number: D1801
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Meguiar's Iron Decon 128 oz

Part #D1801
Size: 128 oz

The Meguiar's Wheel & Paint Iron Decon is a rapid color-changing cleaner designed to help you easily remove iron deposits from wheels and paint. It is pH balanced and safe for use on all wheels and painted brake components. This high-quality formula can be sprayed onto the surface of your wheels or paint and targets iron and fallout deposits. Meguiar’s Iron Decon will cling to the surface and help break down this contamination, road grime, grease, and iron safely and with minimal effort. For any heavily contaminated areas, slightly agitating the surface with a clean wash mitt or sponge may be necessary. Once applied and rinsed, Iron Decon results in a cleaner surface that is ready to polish or apply a layer of protection. 


  • DO NOT PRE-RINSE WHEELS OR PAINT. Apply product directly to cool, dry surface in the shade.

  • Spray generous amount, covering the entire area being treated.

  • Allow the product to dwell 2-5 minutes. Do not allow to fully dry on the surface.

  • Rinse away product residue with a strong stream of water.

  • Dry area with Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Drying Towel.

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