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Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz
Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz

Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz

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Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz
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Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz

The only detergent properly formulated for maintaining and restoring microfibers.

Yes, microfibers are machine washable. Completely. However, with all of the polishes, waxes, oils and chemicals we apply and remove with our microfiber towels, a regular old household detergent won't clean or restore them properly. Microfibers (when new) work so efficiently because each of the millions of individual fibers that are microscopically split, allow for superior absorption. The downside to the design is that extracting all the product that they have absorbed is nearly impossible with a regular detergent. Eventually, the build-up will compromise the cleaning, buffing or polishing efficiency of the microfibers, or worse, cause deterioration or stiffness to set in, thus, reducing the longevity of the microfiber.

Micro-Restore eradicates all the oil, wax and gunk that has accumulated in the towel, leaving the microfibers in a like-new state--supple and velvety soft. After all, if they’re going to touch the surface of your car, your towel should like new every time you use it!

Micro-Restore is a powerful degreaser and strong detergent superior for treating, cleaning and preparing microfibers because it is cleans without the ingredients of bleach or fabric softeners, both of which mean a certain slow death to microfibers. Micro-Restore works to remove every last bit of product that is naturally absorbed by microfibers—cleaning them thoroughly, opening their “pores” which allows them to do their job to the best of their capabilities—and extending their life.

Micro-Restore’s concentrated aqueous formula is a special blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents and water softeners. The combination of ingredients in Micro-Restore has the power to break down all chemicals and heavy residues and remove them. The water softeners in the formula neutralize calcium and magnesium in hard water that cause towels to stiffen over time. Micro-Restore is the ultimate cleaner for microfibers because it rids them of all detail product without ruining their structure. And as an added benefit, it’s biodegradable!

Micro-Restore has a variety of uses: It effectively cleans other car care products (and chemicals) safely out of cotton, chamois, even the buffing pads for your orbital or dual action buffer. It emulsifies dirty motor oil, greasy soils, car wax, and protein stains and suspends them for complete removal in the rinse cycle. 

Micro-Restore has a handy measuring cup built right in. Use two ounces for a full load, one ounce for a small load. Micro-Restore revitalizes any type of cloth, towel or applicator that is loaded with heavy residues and chemicals. Be warned--because it is so strong, if you submerge your hands in the detergent—even when diluted with water—your hands will come out unbelievably dry. Don’t worry, it isn’t toxic, but this characteristic is why it outperforms any detergent and why it works so well! 

Micro-Restore is safe to use in high efficiency washers.

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