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Optimum Hyper Spray Polish 18 oz
Optimum Hyper Spray Polish 18 oz

Optimum Hyper Spray Polish 18 oz OPT-20574

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Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner 17 oz OPT-1300
Part Number: OPT-20574
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Optimum Hyper Spray Polish 18 oz OPT-20574 

Optimum Hyper Spray Polish is the first sprayable polish to enter the detailing marketplace. Hyper Spray Polish is a fast cutting, low-dusting blend of polymers that will remove minor blemishes in seconds creating the perfect shine! 

Hyper Spray Polish is so easy to use, simply spray a couple of trigger pumps on the pad (no priming required) and you're ready to polish. The spray application minimizes overloading the pad with product and diffuses the gumming up of your pad as creme polishes often do. Hyper Spray Polish allows the entire pad to be covered with the product resulting in longer working time while avoiding "dry buffing".  It is truly an incredible product for achieving fast and beautiful results!

Optimum Hyper Spray Polish can be used in the sun or shade and with any type of buffing machine or pad and wipes off easily with a damp microfiber towel. The pad used with Hyper Spray Polish is what determines how aggressive it works on the paint. It acts as a light cutting compound when used with a cutting pad and acts as a polish when used with a polishing pad. Use your favorite Random Orbital or Rotary machine and be amazed at the experience and results of Hyper Spray Polish!

Optimum created Hyper Spray Polish to accompany Hyper Spray Compound. While Optimum Hyper Spray Compound will buff to a flawless finish, following it with Hyper Spray Polish will restore maximum gloss. Optimum Hyper Spray Compound and Polish will quickly become your favorite! Get both today at KC Auto Car Care!

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