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Optimum Opt-Clean 18 oz
Optimum Opt-Clean 18 oz

Optimum Opti-Clean 18 oz

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Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner 17 oz OPT-1300
Part Number: OPT-0845
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Optimum Opti-Clean 18 oz 

Part OPT-0845

Optimum Opti-Clean is a waterless wash product that cleans a lightly dirty car while protecting the surface from the dirt itself. Opti-Clean combines cleaners and substantive polymers that will grab the dirt and lift it off the surface leaving a beautiful glossy finish. It can be used on any automotive surface including wheels, glass, plastics, rubber and more! It is safe for the whole car and safe for you and the environment as well. 

It's frustrating to get bug splatter, puddle spray, or even windshield fluid from the car in front of you when on a drive after you've just cleaned your car! With Optimum Opti-Clean you can rest easy; with a thorough spray of Opti-Clean, your car will be as clean as it was before the drive!

For that extra glossy shine, consider using Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer after you've cleaned the surface with Opti-Clean. Your paint will be protected and have incredible gloss shine!

Spray and thoroughly cover a panel with Optimum Opti-Clean. Fold a premium microfiber towel in fourths or sixths and using the short pile side, gently, applying no pressure, slide the towel over the panel with an upward sweeping motion. Do not rub or wipe the towel in a back and forth motion. Using a clean portion of the towel, continue to remove contaminants using the upward sweeping motion until that panel has been freed of dirt. Buff with a second clean premium microfiber towel.

If your vehicle has substantial dirt, please consider using Optimum No Rinse in a bucket system. 

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