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P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover
P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover

P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover

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P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover
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P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover 

From the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection 

P&S Iron Buster is available in 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon, and 5-gallon sizes.  5 gallon is not available to ship and only available for in-store pickup. 

P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover is a color-changing, fast-acting, pH balanced cleaner formulated to safely dissolve ferrous particulate from wheel and painted surfaces.  Iron Buser will safely and effectively remove embedded iron particulate along with other contaminants from wheels and painted surfaces.  Once applied product will quickly change to a purple color when iron particulate is plentiful and then can be rinsed to produce a clean surface. P&S Iron Buster is acid-free and although it doesn't smell like a men's cologne, it doesn't smell too bad for an iron decon product!

Renny Doyle is a master level detailer how has offered his detailing services worldwide for over twenty-five years to a wide range of collectors, business leaders and celebrities alike.  The products in the Renny Doyle Collection are endorsed and designed by Renny to be used in the professional vehicle detailing industry.  P&S Iron Buster is the latest addition to the Double Black RD Collection and is already a hit!


For paint:
Wash and dry surface prior to product application for maximum effectiveness.  Avoid using in direct sunlight. Spray a generous amount of Iron Buster on the painted surfaces.  Allow the product to dwell for 2-5 minutes while not allowing the product to dry. The product will start to react to the ferrous particulate and fallout and will turn "bleed" purple.  After the dwell time, the surface can be rinsed with a hose or power washer.  It is always a good idea to wash over the surface afterward with car wash soap and a mitt.  Avoid spraying directly on windows and black plastic trim.  Repeat if necessary if you have heavy deposits.

For wheels:
Pre-washing for wheels is not necessary but recommended.  Make sure the wheels/brakes are cool (very important for any wheel cleaner!) Spray the surface and barrel of the wheels and allow 2-5 minutes of dwell time.  Then lightly scrub with your favorite wheel brush and rinse thoroughly.