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P&S Renny Doyle Ultracoat Paint Sealant
P&S Ultracoat Pain Sealant Renny Doyle Professionals

P&S Renny Doyle Ultracoat Paint Sealant

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Part Number: C160Q
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P&S Renny Doyle Ultracoat Paint Sealant 

Part # C160Q
Size Quart 

P&S Renny Doyle Ultracoat Paint Sealant is considered P&S's highest gloss and longest lasting wax. It is made with high-quality urethane and polymers that provide durable protection and incredible high gloss.  

Ultracoat Paint Sealant should be your choice of product if you are looking for that extraordinary glossy and wet look. It is the final step of your detail after paint correction. Paint sealants generally outlast wax products at a 3 to 1 ratio making Ultracoat the final step sealant with the most durable protection. Apply Ultracoat Paint Sealant in a nice even coat working in 2x2 sections until you've worked around the entire vehicle. This allows the sealant to cure (the process that ensures maximum protection). Ultracoat Paint Sealant is incredibly easy to remove and is low dusting. Remove Ultracoat using a two towel process, using the 1st microfiber towel to remove the sealant and the 2nd to buff the paint revealing incredible gloss!