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Rupes UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant
Rupes UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant

RUPES UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant 33.8 oz

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RUPES UNO Protect One-Step Polish & Sealant
Part Number: 9.PROTECT
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RUPES UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant 33.8 oz 

Part # 9.PROTECT
Size 33.8 oz

RUPES UNO Protect is an all-in-one compound, polish, and protectant that will remove moderate defects, create a high gloss protected surface, leave the surface noticeably slick to the touch, and offer up to 90 days of protection. It consists of ultra-advanced abrasives which provide fast paint correction of moderate to fine defects and is formulated to allow for fast application and maximum efficiency, creating no dusting and eliminating any need for additional clean-up.

Rupes UNO Protect is incredibly diverse. It can be used with the RUPES polisher of your choice, whether it be a BigFoot Random Orbital, Rotary, or Mille Gear Driven, and its performance can be tuned with whatever pad you choose, be it wool, foam or microfiber. Each tool and pad choice allows for increased defect removal, minor defect removal, or gloss enhancement. 

Rupes UNO Protect can be used as a stand-alone one-step finish or as a second step after compound application. The following is a guide for use of various pads:

  • A yellow wool pad will accomplish the best all-around performance

  • A blue wool pad achieves maximum cut for increased defect removal

  • A medium yellow foam pad is the best choice for light correction and gloss enhancement.

  • A white foam pad will achieve the best gloss enhancement

UNO Protect can also be applied by hand with a foam or microfiber applicator. UNO Protect is not recommended when a full multi-step correction is necessary or for the preparation process prior to ceramic coating application. 

RUPE'S UNO PROTECT IS one of their latest technological advancements in automotive paint protection and is comprised of ultra-advanced chemistry composition for increased durability, defect removal, slickness, and gloss! RUPES UNO Protect is a blend of natural waxes (solids) and high-tech synthetic polymers. The cross-linking polymer technology in UNO Protect produces incredible water beading and slickness to the touch. This proprietary formula has been developed and produced exclusively by RUPES in Italy and is now available to the USA market!

So is Rupes UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant the right product for you? You bet! It is perfect for:

  • High-volume detailing facilities

  • New and pre-owned car dealership lots

  • Express detail centers

  • Auctions

Quick correction, easy application, easy removal, water beading, an incredibly slick surface, and long durability combined in one perfect product - UNO Protect!


  • Shake Well

  • Select pad for desired cut and finish

  • Apply a thin coat of UNO Protect to pad face and spread evenly with RUPES Claw Pad Tool.

  • Apply in an area 6x your pad size.

  • Allow UNO Protect to dwell in place while you finish the application on the entire vehicle.

  • Remove residue with a microfiber towel and buff with a second microfiber if desired. If the product has been applied too thickly or in high humidity, a two towel removal is recommended.

  • Allow the vehicle to stay dry for at least 4 hours for maximum bonding, protection, and durability.

RUPES UNO Protect Questions and Answers


UNO Protect is a true all-in-one product that blends the performance of a compound, polish, and sealant into one easy to use product. UNO (or "one" in Italian) is a ONE STEP SOLUTION for moderate to light defects that applies protection at the same time.


The RUPES team recommends either RUPES Yellow Wool or Yellow Foam pads for best all-around performance, but users can adjust cut and finish quality easily by changing to other pads like microfiber or different grades of foam. UNO Protect is also compatible with all three categories of BigFoot tool movement; random orbital, gear driven, and rotary.


UNO Protect utilizes a combination of natural waxes and cross-linking polymers. Users can expect to see up to 90 days of water beading protection on a typical application.


UNO is not designed as a pre-coating product due to the polymer content. For more specific recommendations consult the manufacturer of the coating.


YES! UNO Protect is already in use in hundreds of body shops around the world with incredible results as a pre-delivery final polish.