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Roll-N-Lock A Series Tonneau Truck Bed Cover for Dodge Ram
Roll-N-Lock A Series Tonneau Truck Bed Cover for Dodge Ram

Roll-N-Lock A Series Tonneau Truck Bed Cover for Dodge Ram

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Roll-N-Lock A Series Tonneau Truck Bed Cover
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Roll-N-Lock A Series Tonneau Truck Bed Cover 

The all-aluminum A-Series retractable tonneau cover is built with the same rugged durability as the well-known M-Series. This ground-breaking product includes a long list of innovative design features that only Roll-N-Lock can provide. The unique, powder-coated aluminum cover body of the A-Series is bound together by patented hinge technology that delivers a nearly impenetrable seam. Unlike other aluminum bed covers that provide only “out of sight, out of mind” security, Roll-N-Lock’s A-Series is the real deal. With no exposed rubber seams and a patented tailgate locking system, knife-wielding thieves don’t stand a chance. Just like its M-Series counterpart, the A-Series’ tonneau cover permits opening or closing in seconds, there are no snaps to manipulate or heavy folding panels to lift. A simple rotation of the lock lever and the cover retracts into Roll-N-Lock’s ultra-compact housing offering easy and instant access to the entire truck bed.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This phrase has never been truer than in the case of retractable truck bed covers. With a brief Internet search, many truck owners will find there to be an inherent security flaw built into the majority of aluminum retractable covers. After all, what good is aluminum when a thin piece of rubber is the only thing that stands between a thief and the contents of your truck bed? By concealing its heavy-duty silicone hinge with an offset aluminum seam, the Roll-N-Lock A-Series is resistant to knives and other sharp objects guaranteeing a never-before-seen level of truck bed security.

No exposed seams mean greater security.

Mother Nature is no match for this tough, powder coated aluminum cover body.

On the A-Series™ tonneau cover, Roll-N-Lock employs a heavy-duty torsion spring drive, which is housed in a 3" aluminum reel to ensure years of reliable use.

Keep cargo safe with the integrated tailgate lock. The patented, four-point locking system provides instant security by simultaneously securing the tailgate and bed cover. Not available on all models.

Roll-N-Lock’s patented clamp-on track design greatly simplifies the installation process while minimizing the need for drilling holes on most trucks.

Recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing. 

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