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Rupes 5.5
Rupes 5.5" /150mm Foam Pads for Mille Gear Driven Polishers

Rupes 5.5" / 140mm Foam Pads for Mille Gear Driven Polishers

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RUPES 5.5" / 140mm Foam Pads for Mille Gear Driven Polishers
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RUPES 5.5" / 140mm Foam Pads for Mille Gear Driven Polishers 

RUPES  BigFoot Mille Foam Polishing Pads are designed specifically for use with the RUPES BigFoot Mille Gear Driven Polisher LK900E. The Mille pads are low-profile open-celled to withstand stress caused by the gear driven movement. They provide maximum performance for the user with premium results. The low profile of the Mille pad efficiently transfers the Mille's orbital action to the polishing surface and minimizes the tendency of the machine to drive across the paint.  RUPES recommends the Mille pads be matched with the BigFoot Color Coded Mille Polishing Compound.

The 5.5" pad is for use on 125mm backing plates. The hook and loop is 5" and the face of the pad is 5.5". 

  Blue Coarse Foam Pad 9.BG150H

The BigFoot Mille Coarse Blue Foam Pad is firm enough to remove severe paint defects and create a glossy finish in one step.The firm blue foam features large open cells for cool operation and minimal drag on the paint’s surface. The Mille Coarse Blue foam pad calms the steering and vibration typical with the gear-driven orbital polisher movement, while enhancing the tools cutting and finishing performance. RUPES recommends using BigFoot Mille Coarse Compound with the Blue Coarse Foam Pad. This combination is ideal for all paint finishes.

Yellow Fine Foam Pad 9.BG150M 

RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Fine Foam Pads will remove moderate-to-light paint defects while creating a high-gloss finish. The high quality resin materials and fine pore structure of the Mille Yellow Fine Foam Pad ensure consistent performance on a variety of paint systems. The lower profile of the Mille pad transfers the tools movement to the paint without excessive vibration or pad deflection. The color coded, RUPES BigFoot Mille Fine Polish (yellow top) is recommended for best performance.

 White Ultra Fine Foam Pad 9.BG150S 

The BigFoot Mille Ultra-Fine White foam pad provides the highest gloss possible!  The soft-yet-firm foam maximizes the polishing efficiency of the Mille polisher resulting in a smooth surface with maximum reflection. The Ultra-Fine white pad promotes harmony between both performance and user experience with no compromise. Use this pad to create a stunning show car result when paired with the recommended and color coded RUPES BigFoot Mille Ultrafine Polish.

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