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Rupes Cable Clamp
Rupes Cable Clamp

Rupes Cable Clamp

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Rupes Cable Clamp
Part Number: 9.Z1024
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Rupes Cable Clamp 

Part #9.Z1024
Includes: One (1) Cable Clamp

The Rupes Cable Clamp keeps your polisher cords neat and tidy for organized storage! This sturdy clip is made of durable molded plastic and is stamped with the RUPES logo. The Rupes ratcheting clamp allows you to keep your polisher cords like new and prevent crimping and damage. It is the best cord management alternative for your Rupes Polishers. Use the Rupes Cable Clamp to store your polisher in your Bigfoot Bag or to hang it on your garage wall. It can also be used to hold your microfiber towels on your belt while you work! 

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