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Rupes Mille Fine Compound
Rupes Mille Fine Compound

Rupes Mille Fine Compound

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Rupes Mille Fine Compound for Gear Driven Polishers
Part Number: 9.BGFINE
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Rupes Mille Fine Compound 

Part #9.BGFINE250, 9.BGFINE1000 
Size: 250 ml or 1000 ml

The Rupes Mille Fine Compound is specially formulated for the high-speed movement of the Rupes LK900E gear-driven polisher. Forced-action orbital tools easily push compound to its breaking point causing it to dry out, become rough to work with and perpetuate unpredictable results. Rupes attacked these issues by creating a compound that combines sustained pad lubrication with premium micro-abrasives that can tolerate the high-stress of the rapid changes in direction. 

Rupes Mille Fine Compound works perfectly as a single-step process and will remove moderate to fine defects. It can also be used as a 2nd step to more extreme defects following the use of Mille Coarse compound for further refining and added gloss. Mille Fine Compound leaves no holograms and offers smooth movement. Bundling Mille Fine Compound with the correct Mille foam or wool pads will ensure a high-quality finish on your completed project. 

Mille polishes and pads are compatible with most paint systems and are preferred by professional and enthusiasts alike! 

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