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Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound 250 ml
Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound 250 ml

Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound 250 ml

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Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound 250 ml
Part Number: 9.BRCOARSE250
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Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound 250 ml 

Part # 9.BRCOARSE250 
Size: 250 ml 

Formulated specifically for the unique demands of a rotary polisher movement and tested to perform at its peak with the corresponding Coarse Rotary Blue Foam Pads of the BigFoot Rotary System. RUPES Rotary Coarse Compound blazes new territory in the the rotary compound category.

Significant rotational forces resulting in high amounts of heat and friction at the surface presents some of the most challenging conditions for compound formulation for rotary polishing. RUPES engineers worked to create the perfect balance of abrasives and formulated the ultimate solution for the removal of sanding marks with BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound. RUPES Rotary Coarse Compound will remove sanding marks and other surface defects while at the same time, help maintain a smooth operator experience by providing an aggressive cutting action without excessive dusting or pad chatter.

RUPES Rotary Coarse Compound is designed to be most efficient when matched to RUPES color-coordinated Coarse Blue Rotary Polishing Foam Pads and the Rupes Rotary Polisher LH19E. RUPES BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound easily cuts through P1500 sanding scratches in even the hardest of paint systems thanks to the use of premium abrasives packed densely into each drop of compound.

Developed, formulated, blended, and manufactured in house completely by RUPES, the Rotary Coarse Compound uses only the highest quality raw materials and stringent quality control to ensure consistently high performance.

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