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Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound 250 ml
Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound 250 ml

Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound 250 ml

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Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound 250 ml
Part Number: 9.BFUHS250
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Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Compound 250 ml 

Part # 9.BFUHS250
Size: 250 ml 

RUPES Ultra High Solid Surface Polishing Compound is designed specifically for ceramic clear coat systems, but compatible with virtually any paint type, UHS Easy Gloss contains a unique blend of specialty abrasives to remove surface imperfections and leave behind a high gloss finish on even the hardest paint systems. UHS is an easy-to-use multi-purpose polishing liquid that removes paint imperfections, up to P3000 grit marks on fresh paint, while creating a haze-free, high-gloss finish on most paint colors and types. RUPES UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound works well on fresh refinish, cured refinish, factory, and high-solid paint systems.

The polishing agents in UHS were originally designed to remove paint imperfections from Ultra-High Solid clear coats, giving UHS its’ name. However, UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound has proven to work on a wide variety of paint systems, making it a favorite for technicans working on many finish types. 

RUPES has engineered their polishers, pads and compounds to work together to create the best possible results! The BigFoot compounds consist of the highest quality abrasive mixes, all of which are silicone free.  Each compound is created to work with its corresponding tool to assure the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. Rupes UHS Easy Gloss, Zephir Gloss, Keramik Gel and Diamond Gel are all specifically designed to be used with a Random Orbital Polisher like the BigFoot 21 Mark III, BigFoot 15 Mark IIIBigFoot 21 Mark II, BigFoot 15 Mark II, BigFoot Mini and iBrid Nano

The Rupes Compounds are color coordinated with the appropriate Rupes pad. RUPES UHS Easy Gloss is to be used with the Gray Foam Pad for your BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher.

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