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Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound
Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound

Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound 250 ml

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Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound 250 ml, 1000 ml
Part Number: 9.BFZEPHIR250
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Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound 250 ml 

Part # 9.BFZEPHIR250
Size: 250 ml 

A coarse cutting compound designed specifically for random orbital tool movements with the ability to remove P1500 grit sand scratches and leave a wax ready finish in just one step.

Swirls, scratches, oxidation and water spots do not stand a chance against Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound.  This product finishes down like a polish and has very little to no dusting when used with the correct amount.  Works great with the Rupes Foam Pads, Rupes Wool Pads or the Rupes Microfiber Coarse Pads.  
RUPES ZEPHIR GLOSS is a high-performance compound that is recommended for first step polishing. It is considered a cutting compound and the most “aggressive” of the BigFoot abrasives. It should be used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches.  Zephir is also highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss.

RUPES has engineered their polishers, pads, and compounds to work together to create the best possible results! The BigFoot compounds consist of the highest quality abrasive mixes, all of which are silicone-free.  Each compound is created to work with its corresponding tool to assure the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. Rupes Zephir Gloss, Keramik Gel and Diamond Gel are all specifically designed to be used with a Random Orbital Polisher like the BigFoot 21 Mark III, BigFoot 15 Mark IIIBigFoot 21 Mark II, BigFoot 15 Mark II, BigFoot Mini and iBrid Nano

The Rupes Compounds are color-coordinated with the appropriate Rupes pad. RUPES ZEPHIR is to be used with the Blue Coarse Pad for your BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher. 

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