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Speed Shine 35 oz and Gallon Refill
Speed Shine 35 oz and Gallon Refill

Speed Shine Detail Spray from Griot's Garage

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Speed Shine by Griot's Garage
Part Number: 11146
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Speed Shine Detail Spray from Griot's Garage 

35 oz Part # 11146 UPC 874596004205 
Gallon Refill Part # 11148 UPC 874596000757 

Griot's Garage Speed Shine is one of Griot's original items and has been around for almost 30 years.  Speed Shine is a spray detailer that is great for all light cleaning purposes like light dust, bird droppings, fingerprints/smudges, and light road grime.  It also is the perfect lubricant for paint cleaning clay during the decontamination process.  

Griot's Speed Shine provides no wax protection but does offer incredibly high lubricity for the ultimate safe cleaning process and simply helps lift the dust from the surface without scratching.  It is safe for all paints and clearcoats.  It works on paint, exterior plastic trim, wheels and interior plastic trim. 

Speed Shine Directions and Tips:

- Use only on light dust or contaminates.  If the vehicle is too dirty, use the standard water/soap wash method.  

- Use a plush, high quality 70/30 microfiber towel.

- Mist surface with Speed Shine.  Wipe the surface with microfiber towel lightly in a straight line while lifting dust/contaminates off the surface.  Flip the towel to a dry surface or use a fresh towel to lightly buff the area dry. 

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