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WOWO's All-Purpose Cleaner 500 ml
WOWO's All-Purpose Cleaner 500 ml

WOWO's All-Purpose Cleaner 500 ml

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WOWO's All-Purpose Cleaner 500 ml
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WOWO's All-Purpose Cleaner 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is great for cleaning all automotive surfaces. Conquer a dirty engine, dirty tires or rubber, grease on fabrics and more! Wowo’s All-Purpose Cleaner is dilutable according to each individual situation. It has a fresh clean scent and generous lather, as well as powerful surfactants to help dissolve dirt and grime. Wowo’s ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is the safe choice for your vehicle. It is super easy to us; just spray, scrub, wipe! 

Wowo’s All-Purpose Cleaner is an essential part of every detail. It is safe for cleaning and decontaminating all types of surfaces and is a favorite product for use in a spray foamer. All-Purpose cleaner produces thick, long dwelling foam and breaks up dirt and grime. (Try it in an iK Foam Pro 2 or Pro 12 by clicking here.) 

All-Purpose Cleaner is a great degreaser/cleaner and is effective for use on all rubber, plastic, fabric, and more! Dilute All-Purpose Cleaner 20:1, 10:1, or 1:1 depending on your particular use or application.

How To Use:

Make sure the trigger sprayer is pointing away from you
Spray on the affected area
For stubborn areas of dirt, leave to saturate for a minute or so
Wipe off with a quality Microfiber cloth
Yes, it really is that easy to use!

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