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WOWO's Clean Wheels 500 ml
WOWO's Clean Wheels 500 ml

WOWO's Clean Wheels 500 ml

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WOWO's Clean Wheels Wheel Cleaner 500 ml
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WOWO's Clean Wheels 500 ml 

Size 500ml

WOWO's Clean Wheels is a highly dilutable non-acid wheel cleaner that will cut through brake dust and grime to leave your wheels perfectly clean! Wowo's Clean Wheels contain rust inhibitors providing future protection and is safe for use on the rubber tire. This professional-grade formula is incredibly thick resulting in long dwell time on your wheels to ensure the grime is encapsulated to be wiped away. Wowo's Clean Wheels can be used on all types of wheels (check for compatibility on chrome and unlacquered aluminum) and is foam sprayer and foam cannon ready. 

Dilution Recommendations:
10:1 - Foam Sprayers, coated wheels
5:1 - General monthly cleaning
3:1 - Heavily soiled wheels

Follow directions on the bottle. Do not allow Clean Wheels to dry on the surface. Agitate if necessary. Rinse thoroughly.

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