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WOWO's Crystal Sealant 500 ml bottle
WOWO's Crystal Sealant 500 ml bottle

WOWO's Crystal Sealant 500 ml

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Wowo's Crystal Sealant nano-polymer spray sealant 500 ml
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WOWO's Crystal Sealant 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s CRYSTAL SEALANT is a nano-polymer based spray sealant that provides incredible protection plus a glossy deep finish on your vehicle's paint. Crystal Sealant consists of a cross-linking nano siloxane which creates a mesh across the painted surface that makes it detergent-resistant and hydrophobic.

Wowo’s Crystal Sealant is so easy to use you don’t need to be a professional to use it! And professionals love it for its ease of use and incredible protection and results! Crystal Sealant creates such a strong bond it will last and last. One application provides protection for up to a year!

Crystal Sealant is safe to use on all surfaces. Spray it confidently on paint, glass, plastic, trim and wheels! Follow the directions and be amazed at the hydrophobic and deep gloss finish.

How To Use Wowo's Crystal Sealant:

Shake the bottle well

We recommend you spray Crystal Sealant on a high-quality Microfiber towel or foam applicator. Foam applicator is recommended.

Work a small section of the vehicle at a time. Try to split up larger panels into 3-4 sections as Crystal Sealant flashes quickly and you want to remove it quickly.

A little product goes a long way! One or two sprays on a foam applicator will do a panel fender.

Immediately buff off the surface using a high-quality Microfiber towel

Do Not allow Crystal sealant to dry on the surface

Wowo's Crystal Sealant can be also be applied to your glass and plastic trim.

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