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Wowo's Interior Finisher 500 ml
Wowo's Interior Finisher 500 ml

WOWO's Interior Finisher 500 ml

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Wowo's Interior Finisher 500 ml
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WOWO's Interior Finisher 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER provides the best protection for your interior plastics and vinyl surfaces! Interior Finisher is a water based formula that contains UV inhibitors and anti-static capabilities that leave a non-greasy, satin finish and prevent the surface from attracting future dirt. It is safe for use on all plastics, vinyl and leather. 

Wowo’s Interior Finisher produces a fresh scent and clean and protected surfaces; it’s everything you need to protect your interior. Interior Finisher leaves a nice satin finish, but if you want a shiny surface just add a little more and buff it to a shine! 

 How To Use:

Shake the bottle well

Spray on the affected area you wish to shine and protect

Wipe off with a high-quality Microfiber towel

Apply a second coat for extra shine

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