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Wowo's Quick Detailer 500 ml
Wowo's Quick Detailer 500 ml

WOWO's Quick Detailer 500 ml

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Wowo's Quick Detailer 500 ml
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WOWO's Quick Detailer 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s QUICK DETAILER is The Boss of all Quick Detailers! It is the perfect combination of gloss, slickness, and ease of use in one bottle. Engineered with advanced polymer UV inhibitors, Quick Detailer provides effective protection from harmful UV rays while producing gloss and protection that is as smooth as glass.

Wowo’s Quick Detailer is safe for use on all exterior surfaces including clear coated paint, single-stage paint, glass, plastics, rubber trim, and metal. Its extreme versatility allows it to be used for a quick touch-up of light dusting between washes, the final step of adding shine after a wash, or as a lubricant drying aid.

If the pleasant scent doesn’t win you over, the results will! The high gloss, hydrophobic finish with deep color enhancement is unmatched! Simply spray QUICK DETAILER onto the exterior of your vehicle and wipe off with a Premium Microfiber Towel, flipping the towel as needed. Apply Quick Detailer to one panel at a time.

How To Use:

Shake the bottle well

Spray on a panel and wipe off with a medium to deep Microfiber Towel

Apply a second coat for extra shine