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Wowo's Tyre Restorer 500 ml
Wowo's Tyre Restorer 500 ml

WOWO's Tyre Restorer 500 ml

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Wowo's Tyre Restorer Tire Dressing 500 ml
Part Number: TyreRestorer
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WOWO's Tyre Restorer 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s TYRE RESTORER is a water-based dressing that contains NO Silicone or harmful ingredients to negatively affect the look of your clean rubber. Other tire dressings are greasy and slimy, attract dirt and create tire sling. Wowo’s TYRE RESTORER dries to the touch and produces lasting results. The results present a gorgeous clean, new tire look!

Wowo’s Tyre Restorer smells like fresh peaches for an added sensory bonus! It can be sprayed directly onto the tire or worked in with your favorite Foam or Microfiber Applicator. Tyre Restorer can be layered after a short dry time to add more shine as needed. The result will be a dry-to-the-touch, beautifully clean tire with no sling on the side of your vehicle. 

How To Use:

Shake the bottle well

Using a microfiber applicator pad, apply a small amount of Tyre Restorer to the pad

Work Tyre Restorer into the tire making sure to cover the whole sidewall of the tire

You may have to move your vehicle forward or backward in order to get access to the whole sidewall of the tire. Do not apply Tyre Restorer to the tread of the tire

Apply a second coat for extra shine

Allow Tyre Restorer to dry for a short period of time before driving the vehicle

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