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Wowo's Waterless Wash 500 ml
Wowo's Waterless Wash 500 ml

WOWO's Waterless Wash 500 ml

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Wowo's Waterless Wash 500 ml
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WOWO's Waterless Wash 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s WATERLESS WASH is your go-to anywhere or anytime you don’t have access to a hose or need a quick “in-between” wash. Waterless Wash encapsulates and emulsifies dirt and dust wiping it away without scratching your paint. A simple spray-on, wipe-off and buff process achieves a great looking shine every time! 

Wowo’s WATERLESS WASH is great for all types of situations whether used in the garage between washes or on a road trip. Dilute Waterless Wash according to how you want to use it. As a clay lube, dilute it 3:1. Use a higher dilution ratio if your car has a ceramic coating. Waterless Wash is superior lubrication for your paint surface and has anti-static capabilities that will help keep your car looking cleaner, longer. It is safe for all surfaces and can be used confidently on paint, glass, plastic, trim and wheels. (Recommended dilution rate at 5:1, 3:1, or 1:1 – Test Before Using On Coated Vehicles To Mitigate Any Risk Of Streaking)

How To Use:

Shake the bottle well

Spray liberally onto the affected area, paintwork, wheels, glass, etc.

Allow a minute for Waterless Wash to loosen and lift dirt for removal. Do not let Waterless Wash dry

Using a high-quality Microfiber towel and with light to medium pressure, wipe away dirt and grime

Use a second, clean Microfiber towel, to buff to a high shine

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