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Wowo's Interior Cleaner 500 ml
Wowo's Interior Cleaner 500 ml

Wowo's Interior Cleaner 500 ml

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Wowo's Interior Cleaner 500 ml
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Wowo's Interior Cleaner 500 ml 

Size 500 ml

Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER is a superior cleaner that can be used on every part of your vehicle’s interior. It delivers professional deep cleaning power to remove dirt and stains in carpet or fabric seats, cleans plastics, leather, headliner, and even your LCD displays. Simply spray Interior Cleaner on the desired surface and wipe off with a quality Microfiber towel. For deeper stains or stubborn dirt, spray the affected area and use an interior synthetic or boar’s hair brush (like these from The Detail Factory) to agitate the affected area before wiping with a Microfiber towel. When Interior Cleaner is agitated with a brush it produces a foamy, effective lather that encapsulates the dirt so the area wipes away clean.

The subtle pleasant scent of Wowo’s Interior Cleaner will leave carpets, plastics and the entire interior of your vehicle with a clean, fresh odor. It leaves no residue or greasy feel behind and delivers a clean matte look and feel.  Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER contains no additives or UV protectants so it is highly recommended you follow-up with Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER for all your hard surfaces!

Wowo’s Interior Cleaner is a “do-it-all”, “clean-it-all”, cleaner. Whatever your vehicle interior needs, you can depend on Interior Cleaner to get the job done!

How To Use:

Shake the bottle well

Spray liberally onto the affected area and agitate with a dedicated interior brush or wipe with a quality microfiber towel

Remove excess and residue with a clean Microfiber towel

Repeat if necessary on stubborn stains